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Matilda Bay

Matilda Bay Wild Yak Pacific Ale

Matilda Bay Brewing Company was originally created in 1983 by three mates in Fremantle, WA. Fast forward to now and the Matilda Bay name has a wide portfolio of award winning craft beers. The Pacific Ale was created to suit the ever changing Australian palate with beer drinkers after an interesting beer that is still easy drinking. A combination of Australian pale malt and wheat malt provides a light, smooth palate that is low in bitterness and complemented with passionfruit and melon aromas. IBU: 15 Carton of 24 x 345mL Bottles.

Matilda Bay Aussie Wheat Ale Can

Over 35 years ago Phil Sexton and the brewers at Matilda Bay introduced Australians to the wonders of wheat beer, the delicate, exotic flavours combined with that characteristically creamy and full mouthfeel. Wind forward the clock and were at it again, this is a wheat beer but not like you remember. Championing all Australian wheat and Australian Eclipse hops this bright and fresh brew is equal parts hazy and lively. Tangerine flesh, Seville orange, and silky full wheat, with subtle bitterness and a crisp tight finish. No need for a slice of citrus with this one.

Matilda Bay Fat Yak Pale Ale

A lovely golden amber colour, the first impression is the distinctive hop driven fruity aromas, giving characteristic passionfruit and melon notes. The taste is clean on the palate which leaves you looking forward to the next Fat Yak. Carton of 24 x 345mL Bottles.

Matilda Bay Hazy Lager Can

Our gentle, slow and unfiltered brewing process gives our lager a signature haze and a body full of flavour. Equal parts smooth, easy drinking, and great tasting, Matilda Bay Hazy Lager is our most refreshing beer yet.