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Morris Sparkling Shiraz Durif

This popular wine is terrific value - an intense robust sparkling red almost like chocolate and fruitcake in a bottle! Served well chilled it makes a great aperitif with richly flavoured canapes.

Morris Liqueur Tawny

This wine has a complex bouquet of ripe fruit with some rancio character and a full middle palate with a clean dry finish and lingering fruit flavours.

Morris Rutherglen Muscat Barrel Single Malt Australian Whisky

Creamy mouthfeel packed full of rich dark fruits and sweet malt notes, which give way to sweet vanilla and cocoa interspersed with cinnamon spice. The whisky is matured in a combination of French and American oak ex-wine barrels plus finished in rare Morris Muscat barrels, previously used to create multi-award winning Muscat. COLOUR: Deep rich copper with reddish hues. NOSE: Rich with dates, figs and sweetness of dark molasses. PALATE: Well balanced and complex. Dried fig, sweet malt, vanilla and spices with creamy mouth feel. FINISH: Superb oak influence, lovely finish with satisfying after taste that lingers on the palate.

Morris Sherry Barrel Single Malt Australian Whisky

Morris Sherry Barrel is a mature style single malt whisky that highlights the perfect balance of oak, malt, and sherry barrel influence. Maturated in a combination of French and American oak ex-Australian red wine casks and finished in barrels that have held our Morris of Rutherglen 10yr-Aged Amber Apera (Sherry). The Aged Amber is a full flor fino, produced predominantly from the Palomino grape. It exhibits a drier style, showing elegance and complexity from years of long-term aging in cask, making it a beautiful compliment to the whisky. The result is a well-integrated and very approachable Australian single malt which the broad whisky consumer can embrace. Bottled at 46% ABV. Colour: Tiger-eye gemstone with copper highlights. Nose: Spun toffee, baked fruit flan with peach compote and fresh sherry cask notes. Palate: It has a unique Rutherglen character of being produced from all Australian ingredients and finished in Morris of Rutherglen award winning Apera casks. Producing a well-structured whisky with subtle spice, toasted nut and clean oak characters. Finish: Delicious, candied lemon with gentle sage and marjoram herbal profile. Awards: • GOLD World Whisky Masters 2023 • GOLD SIP Awards 2023 • INNOVATION AWARD SIP Awards 2023 • GOLD San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2023

Morris Sherry Barrel Whisky

Bottled at 46% ABV, Morris Sherry Barrel is a mature style that highlights the perfect balance of oak, malt and sherry barrel influence. It is very well integrated and very approachable. Maturation is in combination of French and American oak ex-Australian red wine casks, followed by finishing in Morris of Rutherglen 10yr-Aged Amber Apera casks.

Morris Wines Old Premium Rare Liqueur Muscat

Christmas in a bottle, Morris have been producing some of the worlds finest fortified wines for over 150 years now. Their Rare Liqueur Muscat is rich and viscous with memorising palate density. The perfect partner to rich desserts and powerful cheese platters.

Morris Signature Australian Single Malt Whisky

A distinct style of Australian Single Malt Whisky, Morris Signature is finished in the world’s finest fortified wine barrels for exceptional flavour. Distilled, aged, and crafted in Rutherglen, Victoria using only 100% Australian malted barley at the family brewery, with water sourced directly from the Snowy Mountains positioned to the East. Distilled with original re-conditioned 1930s Whitehill copper-pot and column still named “Aurora” and matured in hand selected ex-wine barrels from family-owned wineries in Barossa and Coonawarra. Wonderfully well-rounded balancing sweet, floral, and biscuit aromas with a richness and warmth of caramel, marzipan, and dark berry flavours. The palate is well rounded with a pleasantly delicate mouth feel and culminates in a long finish, with a refreshing aftertaste that lingers on the palate.

Morris Ruby

After crushing, fermentation and pressing the young wine is fortified with a low strength spirit . The vibrant style of fortified wine displays fresh youthful characters. Showing lovely floral, plum fruit aromas with soft berry flavours on the palate and a long lingering persistence. With 160 years of history and winemaking tradition, the Morris family of Rutherglen have earned the esteemed position as one of the most prominent winemaking families in Australia. When founder George Morris first planted vines near Rutherglen, in North-East Victoria, establishing an enduring family legacy. Under the guidance of David Morris, fifth generation and current Chief Winemaker, the Morris range of fortified and table wines continue to be masterfully crafted with the same skill and passion that has been our hallmark since 1859. A mature style, the Classic Range of fortified wines is all about freshness and varietal character balanced by subtle age complexity from time spent in barrel.

Morris Classic Liqueur Topaque

Morris Liqueur Tokay is a distinctive wine from the Rutherglen district, and is highly regarded as one of Australia's unique styles of fortified wine. Made from the Muscadelle grape this wine has a clean scented aroma showing great depth of malty character. The palate is complex, intense and luscious yet still fresh with the toffee character associated with the style.

Morris Classic Liqueur Muscat

Long standing icons in the Rutherglen wine region, Morris continue to astound the world with their world class fortified wines. Winners of a trophy cabinet full of awards at all the worlds best wine shows the Morris Classic Liqueur Muscat is rich with ripe raisin flavours which have been beautifully developed. Delicious dessert style wine.