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O'Brien Lager

This classic OBrien Lager has been slowly brewed to deliver a full-bodied brew with a crisp and refreshing edge. Using a blend of three hops varieties to bring distinct floral aromas and an approachable firm bitterness.

O'Brien Brown Ale Can

With its deep copper hue, O’Brien Dark Ale delivers warmth and mouth feel. Its dark, spicy notes sit perfectly alongside hints of caramel that combine to complete this winter brew.

O'Brien Lager 3.0 Can

Full-bodied and flavoursome, our O’Brien Lager 3.0 is a naturally brewed mid-strength beer. Crisp and clean, the pronounced malt characters are complemented perfectly with a sharp hop freshness.

O'Brien Stout 24 Pack

Once you go black. This gold medal winner is in the style of an Irish Stout with a light sweetness. A deep ruby black colour gives way to a beautiful tan head. An aroma of roasted coffee and rich chocolate, followed by a full, creamy mouthfeel. Pair with rich, hearty meat dishes and desserts.

O'Brien XPA Can

Refreshingly differentA blend of Citra and Cascade hops delivers a distinctive XPA aroma and refreshing burst of citrus flavour, with a clean finish. At a modest 3.8% ABV, OBrien XPA is surprisingly full-bodied. Complements seafood dishes like fish and calamari.

O'Brien Belgian Ale

OBrien Belgian Ale is a 100% gluten free Belgian blond style ale that displays a light sweetness from the sorghum and millet gluten free malts and Belgian candi sugar, and has a dry finish and slight alcohol warmth from the 6.0% alcohol content. It is complimented with subtle spice, earth and fruit characters from the yeast, hops and infused coriander.

O'Brien Pale Ale

OBrien Pale Ale is a 100% gluten free light golden ale with abundant citrus and tropical fruit flavours with a light sweetness. OBrien Pale Ale was Australias first commercially produced gluten free beer and is made from gluten free millet and sorghum malts. It is a full bodied American style pale ale, and has been awarded multiple medals at the Australian International Beer Awards.