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Old Kempton Distillery

Old Kempton Distillery Port Small Matured Whisky

Old Kempton Distillery Port Small Cask Matured Whisky is bottled at 46%. This special drop is highly sought after and is not often available. Aged exclusively in 20 litre or 100 litre single casks for the entire maturation in their 1840’s stables bond store. The nose on this whiksy is dominated by sweet and fruit elements with underlying hints of rum and raisin chocolate. The palate is welcoming, soft, and wonderfully warm. Flavours of pantry spices and dark fruits blend together creating a mouth-filling experience that only a port cask can deliver. Dark chocolate, coffee grounds, and soft oak tannins come across the finish. 4 day lead time required for shipment. These items will be shipped separately. Available for online purchase only.

The Old Stables Single Malt Whisky

The Old Stables has been created to be the perfect introduction to the Old Kempton whisky range. Bottled at a modest 40.5% alc vol, this small batch release is wonderful for sharing a dram with friends over dinner. Aroma:Beautiful fruit and nut chocolate nose with gentle malt notes being the highlight. Palate:Sweet and delicious upfront before quickly building to a creamy toffee malt. Maintains a long and lingering palate. Finish:Finishes with a warm satisfying glow which is nicely balanced with malt spices. The Old Stables has been awarded “Best Australian Small Batch Single Malt” in the 2022 World Whisky Awards!

Old Kempton Distillery 10th Anniversary Release Single Malt Whisky

Ten years marks a significant period in the development of Old Kempton Distillery. Along with Lyn Lark, James Reid and Amelia Hope, we started what was going to be a small craft distillery. Over time, the distillery attracted a few passionate friends who shared our vision. They were welcomed into our family bringing expertise and enthusiasm guiding OKD to what it is today. We are also fortunate to have a wonderful support team to facilitate OKD’s commitment to becoming a true artisan distillery. On behalf of OKD, I thank you for your support and making the future look bright. We look forward to welcoming you to the distillery and being able to share more of our amazing Tasmanian spirits. Cheers for now, Bill Lark – Co Founder OKD Tasting Notes by Rob Tyson, Head Distiller. Aroma: A rich and ever developing aroma with dried fruits (raisins and sultanas), tinned pears, coffee with dark chocolate, orange peel, rich malt, and toasted almonds. Palate: Rich oil, and creamy across the palate with a good balance of both sweet and dry elements (ANZAC biscuits, Seville orange, and oak). Finish: Great mouthfeel with good spread and balance (Gingernut biscuit with spice and toffee). This release marries together spirit distilled at both our original site at Redlands Estate and at our new home at Dysart House, Kempton. Whist our location has changed, the delicate fruit and malt driven spirit that we produce has been consistent across our sites and is central to the style of whisky we produce.

Old Kempton Distillery The Coachhouse Strength

Aroma: A beautifully complex nose that develops as the whisky sits in the glass and warms. Rich malt and fruit pastilles give way to delicate florals and musk sticks. Flavour: A sweet and elegant palate that maintains the body and alcohol warmth expected of a cask strength. Stewed apple and spices develop as the whisky moves across the palate. Finish: A long sweet finish with jelly babies and gummy bears giving way to oak, mixed spices, and orange peel. The Coachhouse Cask Strength pays tribute to the temporary location of our distillery when we first moved to Dysart House. The historic coach house was home to our distillery until the new distillery building was completed in 2021. During this time, the coach house played an integral role in the story of Old Kempton Distillery, producing whiskies that will be enjoyed far into the future. This cask strength release is a collection of carefully selected casks that beautifully capture the flavour profile at the heart of Old Kempton whisky. To achieve this, we select cask types from across our range, including Tasmanian Pinot Noir and Australian Fortified Wine casks, and match them together to create a perfect balance between the bright fruit and rich malt style of Old Kempton spirit and the layers of complexity which comes with age and maturation. This whisky drinks well either as it is, or with a touch of water.

Old Kempton Distillery 'The Old Stables Whisky' Single Malt Whisky

The Old Stables has been created to be the perfect introduction to the Old Kempton whisky range. Bottled at a modest 40.5% alc/vol, this small batch release is wonderful for sharing a dram with friends over dinner. Colour Golden brown. Nose Soft vanilla, malt & dried fruit on the nose. On the second inspection, cereals & nutty flavours. Palate Beautiful texture, good integration of the alcohol. The balance of the whisky is lovely with fruit and intense spices on the finish. Good length, very persistent on the tongue.

Old Kempton Distillery Single Malt Whisky Solera

Tasmania's first Solera Single Malt Whisky is a unique expression from Old Kempton Distillery. Whisky is placed into the 500L tun and aged for 6 to 9 months, half the contents is then removed, bottled and released. As time goes on the whisky becomes more complex, unique and flavour filled. Each batch is slightly different as the whisky spends more time in the gorgeous Port barrel.

Old Kempton Distillery Single Malt Whisky Ex Port

Old Kempton Distillery's Small Cask Matured Single Malt Whisky Ex Port Cask is hand crafted in Kempton, Tasmania, first gazetted to sell spirits in 1836. Tasmanian barley double is distilled through copper pot stills and patiently matured in small oak casks, creating delicious, rich, balanced Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky - The perfect small cask matured dram.Old Kempton Distillery's Ex Port Cask release is know for its Christmas cake nose, caramel palete and long, lingering finish.

Old Kempton Distillery Barrel Aged Gin

A classic gin nose surrounded by soft woody notes. Complex, rich and exciting. This gin has enjoyed just the right amount of time in an OKD whisky barrel. The subtle malty notes combine beautifully with juniper and hints of citrus notes. An unashamed barrel aged gin, leaving your tongue searching for answers as to why it is simply so delicious.

Old Kempton Distillery Six Shillings Gin

A delightfully perfumed nose speaking of traditional botanicals playing gracefully with the distillers choice of fruits. A sweet mouth filling gin, without revealing too much. Opening up to be a beautifully balanced palate of fruity gin. The palate gently slips into an exceptionally satisfying finish lingering and continuing to give up its secrets.The perfect martini and cocktail gin.

Old Kempton Distillery Single Malt Ex Pinot

Our Ex-pinot cask Single Malt Whisky is matured using 20L and 100L Barrels in our 1840s stable. A stunning caramel colour with brown sugar on the nose, a long finish and smooth palate. Enjoy neat or over ice.