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Rivetto Langhe Nebbiolo

An extremely pleasing and drinkable wine, and although it has a high alcohol grade this never overpowers its fruity character. Its red colour has Bordeaux reflections and the slow trickle from the edge of the glass confirms its optimal concentration and good body. The palate is caressed by a smooth tannin content typical of the Nebbiolo grape and by a warm and enveloping flavour.

Rivetto Barolo Briccolina , Piedmont

Rivetto Barbera d'Alba Zio Nando

For Enrico Rivetto, sustainability in his vineyard is all important. So, no chemicals - being totally organic and following bio-dynamic principles is his way. His wines show a joyous fruit character that reflects the care that he takes at every step of the winemaking process. This red is from their oldest vineyard planted in 1944, a full boded, well balanced and velvety Barbera d'Alba, delicious to drink by itself or with easy food.

Rivetto Barolo Serralunga d'Alba

In 2011 we started to think and act organic in the vineyards (officially certified since 2016). In 2015 our evolution continued with the introduction of a Biodynamic approach to the entire property. Key changes to improve the ecosystem include, adding trees and plants in the vineyards, introducing a green garden, and building birdhouses. While we have always sought balance in the vineyards, we now look for it in every part of our environment. For us, that means no chemical weeding, no systemic anti-parasite treatments, and no chemical fertilization. In addition, we plant barley, oats, and clover between the vines to revitalize the soil. To keep soft the soil not to stress the roots of the vines. We use corroborates to reduce chemical treatments and we even make our own compost. To promote as much biodiversity as possible we practice farming diversification by incorporating other crops. Finally, we always bottle with the energy of the waning moon.