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Scheibel Moor- Birne

The basis for this exquisite product are dried pears. These are inserted into pear brandy and give the fine fruit extract. His noble-smoky character receives this noble spirit in oak barrels by the fire toasting! Deep golden color - just wonderful! Nose: powerful pearly Taste: spicy fruit with peaty-smoky character Finish: light wood and smoke flavors meet sweet Williams pear in the finish

Scheibel Edless Fass Nussler

Walnut kernels from Kashmir. The walnut kernels are crushed and prepared with alcohol. After several months, the maceration in our distillery, new time ' distilled. By storage in oak barrels, our Nussler attains such intense colour and taste structure. Nose: strong nose after caramelized walnuts with slight cognac nuances Taste: earthy aromas of mushrooms, truffles and lovage accompany an intense walnut aroma, with beautiful caramel and vanilla nuances coming to the fore Finish: Notes after nutmeg on the finish

Scheibel Weinberg Pfirsich

The vineyard peach liqueur also impresses with its high fruitiness. Nose: warm friendly peach flavor, not too sweet with a surprisingly tart touch Taste: full-fruity peach flavor Finish: creamy finish with a pronounced flesh note

Scheibel Haselnuss

Scheibel Haselnuss is a traditional hazelnut schnapps that uses a neutral grain spirit as the base and then infused with hazelnuts before distilling. This process gives it a strong alcohol taste with a smooth doughy hazelnut finish. great to sip on after dinner

Scheibel Wild Pflaume

This wild-plum liqueur is a harmonious blend of cibarte, plum brandy and fruit pulp. Nose: spicy, fine-dry aroma after ripe plums Taste: balanced sweet, followed by a delicate cinnamon and mint note Finish: complex finish and a successful interplay of fruit sweetness and acidity, flesh and bitterness

Scheibel Schlehe

Wild sloe from the Carpathians, harvested after the first frost - for better aroma development. Nose: finely nuanced scent of marzipan Taste: subtle hints of chilli and juniper blend in powerful aromas of cherry and almond Finish: soft on the finish, slightly bitter almond and a hint of mint

Scheibel Berg Marille

sensory nose: strong, sweet apricot and almond nostrils on the nose Taste: dominant aromas of apricot and marzipan, notes of cloves, cinnamon and cardamon Finish: beautiful volume, delicate bitter notes and dark caramel finish Fruit The apricots are processed into fruit juice and then mixed with apricot brandy, a fruit extract and a fruit reduction to a liqueur.

Scheibel Altes Pflumle

Scheibel Premium Altes Pflümle is based on a fruit brandy of oat plums from the Ortenau, with plum extract refined. The range of premium fruit brandies from Scheibel is distilled in the so-called Auria process that uses real gold plates during the distilling process. This creates finesse distillates.

Scheibel Ginie - Mystic Touch

Tropical Gin liqueur with exotic fresh notes, thanks to the rare Cala Mansi - Citrus Fruit, accompanied by a touch of red cedar and tonic. An ingenious taste experience - Mystic touch, just like a magical journey to a tropical island

Scheibel Woodka Vodka

This unparalleled Vodka Uses 100% Wheat and is distilled 5 times to the purest quality. The Vodka is sophisticatedly cultured in small virgin oak Barrels. A velvety incomparable Vodka with delicate Fragrances wood.