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Stanton & Killeen

Stanton & Killeen Classic Muscat

A superb value wine for its rich and sweet 'muscaty' and raisin flavours with the lightness and freshness of the foundation Rutherglen style. Perfect match chocolate pastry. The colour is deep orange amber with floral aromas of crushed rose petal, lavender and orange blossom. The palate has rich raisins with subtle oak and great length.

Stanton & Killeen Classic Topaque

Made from Muscadelle grapes and previously known asTokay this wine is the foundation of Stanton & Killeen Topaque range exuding lively flavours and great versatility. White gold in colour with aromas of quince jelly, cumquats and dried fruit. The palate has notes of zesty lemon peel and butter menthol which combine to reveal a very silky mouthfeel and long finish.

Stanton & Killeen Classic Rutherglen Topaque

Made from Muscadelle grapes, this wine has spent an average of 12 years in oak barrels, giving it complex flavours of honey and malt which combine to deliver a full flavoured wine with a sweet but clean finish. Ideal for after dinner.

Stanton & Killeen Classic Rutherglen Muscat

This luscious dessert wine is matured in oak barrels enabling the wine to mellow and develop further complexity of rich rasin and honey. Ideal for an after dinner treat.

Stanton & Killeen Rutherglen Muscat

Iconic Rutherglen producer Stanton & Killeen produces some of Australia's if not the world's great fortified wines and it all starts here with their Rutherglen Muscat. Fresh and luscious flavours of Christmas Cake abound here.