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Toro Albala

Toro Albala Poley Palo Cortado En Rama 25 Años Non-Vintage Non-Vintage

Bottled unfiltered with an average of 25 years, it opens with an intense with tobacco leaves, walnut and hazelnut underpinned by pepper and clove spice and notes of orange peel. The palate is dry with citrus peel and roasted nuts joined by super-fine, moreish savoury texture. It finishes with salty and intense close. It deserves the best jamón you can get your hands on.

Toro Albala Don PX Cosecha

Don PX grapes are the speciality of Toro Albalá and each is treated exclusively, from harvest to desiccation. It is this total control process that gives the wines their unique character and their creator strives to excite the wine taster with each one. The Toro Albalá winery began in the heart of Southern Cordoba in 1922, which is famous for its wine region Montilla-Moriles. Toro Albala winery has received awards in recognition of its constancy in the world of viticulture. Patience bears sweet fruit, something which winemaker and enologist Antonio Sánchez knows well, having dedicated all his life to this and for whom the Pedro Ximénez grapes are as if they were his own offspring, grown under the best conditions to ensure sufficient character and to be a part of the most wonderful dinner gatherings. This project has spanned many years, generations in fact.

Toro Albala Poley Amontillado en Rama 35 Años Non-Vintage Non-Vintage

It is a lovely, driven, spicy, nutty and smoky Amontillado with a generous, pulpy, glycerol-rich personality and a complex finish that has a twist of quinine and bitter coffee.

Toro Albala Poley Cream 10 Años Non-Vintage Non-Vintage

Toro Albalá Don PX Pedro Ximenez

Toro Albala Poley Fino del Lagar 10 Años Non-Vintage Non-Vintage

15%ABV. Toro Albalá's Eléctrico solera produces a superb, complex and powerful Fino with vivid aromas and flavours of green apple, lemon peel, grilled almond, and iodine. One of the keys to understanding this wine is that it has not been fortified, i.e., it only has the natural alcohol from its primary fermentation. This makes for a particularly pure and vinous expression of Fino. It’s also made from 100% Pedro Ximénez grapes, which brings texture and depth. This offers an invitingly layered mid-palate and a round finish that sets it apart from Jerezano Fino and Manzanilla. However, there is still plenty of that bright, chalky crackle—so distinctive of the Fino style and the local chalky soils. The freshness is, well, electrico! As always, this is an absolute bargain.

Toro Albalá Don PX Gran Reserva Pedro Ximinez

Bodegas Toro Albalá is considered one of the truly great wineries from the southern Spanish region of Montilla-Moriles. Established in 1922, Toro Albalá is now in the expert hands of Antonio Sánchez who hand crafts this extraordinary dessert wine from the lucious Pedro Ximenez grape variety. A concentrated nose of tobacco, crème de cacao and licqorice greets you while the palate is a beguiling mixture of sweet and bitter flavours with a dense concentration and length that seems to live forever.

Toro Albala Don PX Gran Reserva

After a minimum of 25 years in barrel, vintages are selected for release only when they have attained classic hallmarks of aged Pedro Ximenez: a black mahogany colour and a sweetly radiant nose. Saturated with all kinds of evocative smoke, raisin, and savoury aromas. The palate is full of dark chocolate, roasted coffee beans, rum, fruitcake and Turkish coffee thats fresh acidity that hems in the wines shape and freshness.

Toro Albala Don PX

This early release wine is not barrel aged or blended, it is a pure, fresh, grapey example of Pedro and captures all the tanginess of the style before rancio sets in. The palate shows concentrated toffee, caramel and dried fruit notes and the finish is warm and lingering.

Toro Albala Poley Oloroso En Rama 15 Años Non-Vintage Non-Vintage

It’s fleshy, with a round and velvety texture and a long, vibrant finish. Unfortified again, the nose throws hints of caramel, orange rind and toasted almonds. The palate is mellow and super-complex, with lively freshness and complex flavours of quince, bitter orange and loads of brown spice and tobacco notes. The finish is long and iodine-rich. Perfect to drink on its own or sensational with almonds, charcuterie and very mature cheese.