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Unico Zelo

Unico Zelo Jungle Jungle Dolcetto

Welcome to the Jungle! The crowd favourite Dolcetto from the UZ team. Bright, juicy and as smashable as ever.

Unico Zelo Yuzu Vermouth

From our friends at Unico Zelo comes this uniquely Australian take on sweet vermouth. Brendan & Laura take Adelaide Hills Merlot, and Yuzu fruit to come up with this tasty little number. The Carters’ describe it thus - “We Made A Yuzu Vermouth! We love fine Adelaide Hills Merlot, we love Yuzu - the most amazing little asiatic citrus we've encountered throughout our exploration of exotic flavours, we love Vermouth and we love native Australian ingredients - so we developed the ultimate mash-up!” Also adds a delicious twist on a Negroni!

Unico Mando Mandarin Liqueur

The team at Unico Zelo are back at again. They've made a new vibrant, refreshing liqueur using the juiciest and biggest Mandarins the Dekapon all sourced from Riverland. They suggest to serve as a Spritz! Being winemakers, Brendan & Laura are two people incredibly passionate about the soil and produce we have in Australia. It's their intent to showcase products to the rest of the world that embrace Australian native ingredients and pay homage to the indigenous custodianship who maintained the land for thousands of years.

Unico Zelo Harvest Sauvignon Blanc

The Harvest wines by Unico Zelo are made with immediate drinkability in mind. This Sauvignon Blanc was made in a loveable style. Brendan and Laura looking to cram every ounce of Adelaide Hills freshness into this bottle. It's 'classic' Sauvignon Blanc, with ripe fruit and a hint of grassy character. The classic fruit quality of Sauvignon Blanc is here, brimming with lemon peel and passionfruit, alongside more aromatic elements of lemongrass and jasmine tea. Feel good factor here too as a percentage of all profits go back to community projects.

Unico Zelo River Sand Fiano

Typically the most popular of the elite Unico Zelo Single Vineyard Fianos. Richly flavoured, textural and fresh.

Unico Zelo Fresh AF

This is Nero d'Avola & Grenache blended with a splash of Zibibbo and it lives up to its name. A snappy, lively red wine.

Unico Zelo Truffle Hound

Unico Zelo Esoterico

Unico Zelo Pipe Dream

Unico Zelo Pastafarian

Unico Zelo is the project of winemaking couple Brendan and Laura Carter. In their words, their aim is to create “Italian-inspired, textural and site-expressive wines” and “Australian examples of Mediterranean varieties in an approachable and jovial fashion.” There is a bit of a shift this year for Pastafarian, with the inclusion of Sangiovese! The ultimate pasta variety, it must be said. Ask Brendan, Unico Zelo has long been critical of Sangiovese’s future in Australia, but after some recent encounters with other producers' expressions of the variety, they’ve jumped on the bandwagon. Lucky for the winery, it wasn’t far from home, as the fruit is from the lovely Polish Hill River Vineyard. Still, this wine is Nebbiolo through and through, and it’s the perfect marriage with Slovenian Oak for a perfumed, blue fruited and savoury structured Langhe-style Nebb. A touch of Merlot and Nero to add somebody (and a nice little spice too!). Top shelf here, finding an identity all of its own. Great wine.