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Vedrenne Pages

Vedrenne Pages Cassis (Blackcurrant)

Colour : pure blackcurrant colour, dense and shiny. Scent: intense fruity aroma, the inimitable aromatic bouquet of Burgundy Black. Flavour: intense and aromatic taste, potent and elegant, fruity and wonderfully lingering

Vedrenne Pages Framboise Liqueur

Colour: bright shiny cool red. Scent: smooth, bright and very fruity. Flavour: refreshing, very flavourful with pleasant acidity and a beautiful finish.

Vedrenne Pages Creme De Fraise

Colour: bright shiny red. <br>Scent: very aromatic, authentic ripe fruit. <br>Flavour: authentic taste of sweet fruit with slight acidity and a beautiful fruity finish.

Vedrenne Pages Aperitif Le Birlou (Chestnut & Apple)

Vedrenne Pages Elie-Arnaud Denoix Le Figuier (Fig)

Alcoholic Strength: 17% Content: 700ml Area of Origin: Burgundy Producer: Vedrenne. Vedrenne has been making its liqueurs since 1923 in Nuits-Saint-Georges, in the heart of Burgundy in the middle of the burgundian orchards. The company initially won recognition with the outstanding quality of its Crème de Cassis. In addition to classic fruit liqueurs, Vedrenne produces more than 30 other coktail liqueurs with the same motto: excellence!

Vedrenne Pages Salers Aperitif Gentiane

Colour: bright vermilion. Scent: very aromatic, of pomegranate and red berries. Flavour: very pleasantly fragrant, of pomegranate juice with notes of red fruit.

Vedrenne Pages Cacao Noir (Dark Cocoa)

Colour: shiny brown. <br>Scent: cocoa beans, slightly toasted. <br>Flavour: melted cocoa, elegant and flavorful.

Vedrenne Pages Mandarine (Tangerine)

Colour: orangey. Scent: fruity and subtle, very distinctive. Flavour: like the aroma, fruity taste, delicate and flavourful.

Vedrenne Pages Pasteque (Watermelon)

Colour: lively, pink. Scent: very fruity, very aromatic, fruit ripened in the sun. Flavour: very fruity, flavoursome, perfectly ripe fruit, lingering mellow and sweet.

Vedrenne Pages Poire Williams (Pear)

Colour: clear with pale golden highlights. Scent: very fruity, pear pulp and juice. Flavour: very fruity, powerful, cool and creamy with a lingering finish.