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Vietti Barolo Ravera Novello

Vietti is a winery with a rich history spanning almost 150 years. Founded by Carlo Vietti in the late 1800s in the heart of the Langhe, on the highest point of the medieval village of Castiglione Falletto, the winery was transformed into a high-quality wine producer by Carlo's son, Mario Vietti, upon his return from living in the United States in 1917. In the 1950s, Alfredo Currado, oenologist and art lover, brought new intuitions to the winery, intertwining wine knowledge with art and culture. Vietti produced one of the first Barolo Crus in 1961 and the first vinification of Arneis in 1967. The wines were accompanied by Art Labels starting in 1974, making the Vietti brand an icon and standard-bearer of important revolutions. The winery's commitment, vision, culture and passion have contributed to its growth and recognition as one of the best Italian wine labels. The Krause Family purchased Vietti in 2016 and decided to extend the winemaking properties with new, renowned crus in the denomination of Barolo and Barbaresco. In 2023, the Heritage was taken over by the Krause Family, already owner of the Cellar since 2016 and standard-bearer of the new future of the Vietti brand. Vietti maintains its founding values and looks towards the future with even more promising and stimulating prospects, with each wine being the result of artisanal work and the profound understanding and interpretation of each individual terroir. Since 1974, Vietti wines have been adorned with specially-designed original works inspired by the wine of that particular vintage. These works include lithographs, xylographies, etchings, silkscreens and linocuts. The print run is the same as the number of bottles produced and the first hundred labels are signed by the artist. Each work is only used once, just for the wine of that vintage. Since the presentation of the 1982 Barolo Villero in 1988, the artist’s labels have been dedicated exclusively to the wines grown on this great vineyard. The idea for these unique labels was conceived by Alfredo Currado and a group of artist friends over a bottle of Barolo Rocche. They believed that wines like these deserved to be graced with labels unlike any other and the idea began to take shape the following day. These art labels have become an iconic part of the Vietti brand, adding a touch of art and culture to their already exceptional wines. Barolo is a renowned red wine produced in the Piedmont region of Italy. The wine is made from Nebbiolo, a small, thin-skinned red grape varietal known for its high acidity and tannins. Harvesting of Nebbiolo grapes generally takes place in late October, as it is one of the first varietals to undergo budbreak and last to be picked. Barolo wines are required to be solely composed of Nebbiolo, with no exceptions. The Barolo DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) is the highest classification for Italian wines and guarantees specific production methods and quality. Wines from the Barolo DOCG must be 100% Nebbiolo and aged for at least 38 months, with 18 of those months in wood barrels. This results in a wine with a unique flavor profile and exceptional quality. Vietti's Barolo Ravera is a premium wine made from grapes grown in the famous MGA “Ravera” vineyard located in the municipality of Novello. The soil is limestone- and clay-rich, with Marls of Saint Agatha present. Ravera in Novello is a fabulous hillside vineyard with a western/south-western exposure, situated at an altitude around 400 m asl. The average age of the vines is 34 years and there is a density of around 4500 plants per hectare over a total area of around 2.1 hectares. The oldest part of the vineyard was planted in 1935. The Vietti Barolo Ravera Novello 2019 is a stunning example of a Barolo D.O.C.G. wine made from 100% Nebbiolo grapes. The grapes were harvested by hand on 14 October 2019 and underwent gentle pressing before fermenting for around four to five weeks in a steel tank, in contact with the skins. The wine then spent over a year on the lees without racking and was aged for around 32 months in large oak barrels. This wine has an intense garnet-red color and a nose that, while stark to begin with, reveals complex floral notes that emerge after a few minutes in the glass. Striking notes include red fruit, chalk and white pepper. It is fine on the palate, with hints of ripe red berries. The taught, compact tannins make this a very classic wine and the acidity is vibrant and vertical. Very elegant and refined. Recommend decanting a few hours before serving. This wine pairs perfectly with game, red meat and mature cheese. Vietti Barolo Ravera Novello 2019 is an exceptional wine that showcases the best of the Nebbiolo grape variety and the unique terroir of the Ravera vineyard.

Vietti Barbaresco Roncaglie Masseria

The Vietti family has been producing wine in Castiglione Falletto in the heart of Le Langhe in Piedmont for five generations, with 33 estate vineyards located across all 11 communes designated for the cultivation and production of Barolo, plus Roero for Arneis and Agliano Asti for Barbera and Moscato. In 2016 Vietti was purchased by the American Krause family, however current generation winemaker Luca Currado-Vietti continues to direct the Vietti Estate meticulously, together with his wife Elena Penna-Currado, to produce some of the finest and most representative wines of Le Langhe.

Vietti Barbera dAlba Scarrone

Vietti Barolo Brunate

Vietti Langhe Nebbiolo Perbacco

Vietti Moscato d'Asti

Vietti Barolo Castiglione

Beautiful glowing ruby. Fine earthy nose. Succulent palate with a powerful tannic structure. Really long and a little vibrant. Firm, long red-fruit finish Hearty stew, wild game, roasted red meats and cheeses. The grapes are selected from small vineyards spread in the Barolo region. The vines are between 8 and 41 years old, planted in a clay-limestone soil. Plants are trained with guyot method, with an average density of roughly 4500 units per hectare. All the different crus are vinified and aged separately with slightly different processes to underline the singular characteristics of each parcel and terroir. Fermentation occurs in stainless steel with daily cap submersion for extraction of flavor and color. The history of the Vietti winery traces its roots back to the 19th Century. Only at the beginning of the 20th century, however, did the Vietti name become a winery offering its own wines in bottle. From 1919 Patriarch Mario Vietti began making the first Vietti wines, selling most of the production in Italy. His most significant achievement was to transform the family farm, engaged in many fields, into a grape-growing and wine-producing business. Then, in 1952, Alfredo Currado (Luciana Viettis husband) continued to produce high quality wines from their own vineyards and purchased grapes. The Vietti winery grew to become one of the top-level producers in Piemonte and was one of the first wineries to export its products to the USA market. Alfredo was one of the first to select and vinify grapes from single vineyards (such as Brunate, Rocche and Villero). This was a radical concept at the time, but today virtually every vintner making Barolo and Barbaresco wines offers single vineyard or cru-designated wines. Alfredo is also called the father of Arneis as in 1967 he invested a lot of time to rediscover and understand this nearly-lost variety. Today Arneis is the most famous white wine from Roero area, north of Barolo. Setting such a fine example with Arneis, even fellow vintners as far away those on the west coast of the United States now are cultivating and producing Arneis!

Vietti Barolo Ravera

Vietti Lazzarito

Cantina Vietti Barolo Castiglione DOCG