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Zonte's Footstep

Zonte's Footstep 1st Off The Rank McLaren Vale Cabernet

With its boisterous berry flavours and hallmark tannin structure, this wine hailed us down like a vocal New Yorker at rush hour. We fastidiously selected each barrel for this wine whereby it affectionately became known as the '1st off the rank'. With the lovely palate length and balance that make Cabernet Sauvignon 'king', it is full-bodied yet is no West Coast wanna-be. Made from fastidiously selected barrels, we are quietly confident that it will be the first wine you'll want to jump into at any lineup. Rich plum and blackcurrant flavours swerve into savoury liquorice and cedar notes, followed by a friendly toot of thyme .

Zonte's Footstep Z-Force McLaren Vale Shiraz

Z-Force is named in tribute to the Z Special Force, which was a special Australian Army unit created in World War Two to operate behind enemy lines. Z-Force’s members were from many countries and specialised in unique guerrilla warfare. Although disbanded after the war, Z-Force pioneered numerous operational techniques and tactics, many as daring as they were brilliant, that remain a model to this day. The surviving members of Z Special Unit last marched together on Anzac Day in Sydney 2010. The extraordinary bravery of their unit and its lost brothers are honoured in this wine, which is Zonte’s Footstep finest. Each bottle of this wine sold helps support the work of Legacy South Australia.

Zonte's Footstep Scarlet Ladybird Fleurieu Rose

Rose Petals | Strawberries & Cream …and remember ladies and gentlemen, “Real men do drink pink” – Anon To honor the cute little polka-dotted predators who prey on tiny pests like aphids and keep our fruit pristine. These select parcels of fruit become the ultimate mélange of prettiness and punch (fruit punch that is). Our Scarlet Ladybird Rosé always comes up smelling of Rose Petals with lovely delicate ladylike edges. Strawberries & Cream, fresh berry fruit this wine is a real lady killer.

Zonte's Footstep Dawn Patrol Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir

Any surfer knows the cleanest waves are found at the crack of dawn before the warming sun stirs up onshore winds. Likewise, we patrol our vineyards in the first glint of sunrise to find the perfect whole bunches to make beautiful Pinot Noir. Picked in the cool early morning, the fruit aromas are still pristine and rolling acidity provides the epic flavour ride we so desire. Taste the sunrise in our Dawn Patrol as flavours of dark Morello Cherries flow into Sarsaparilla root and Cinnamon before

Zonte's Footstep Scarlet Ladybird Rosé

A veritable summer pudding of fresh macerated berries and perfume spice, dominated by wild strawberry and Campari-like cherry smells. A super fresh and zingy with lip-smacking nectarine and berry fruit flavours. Medium-bodied, juicy-fruited with a touch of natural sweetness. Mouth-filling tart Strawberries and cream with soft spice rounding out a lush mouthful. Flavoursome with fresh acidity and a tiny tweak of soft tannin taming the finish.

Violet Beauregard Langhorne Creek Malbec

On the vine, our perfectly round, plump, and violet-purple Malbec looks like blueberries. Crush, ferment, and pour into a glass… it smells like blueberries. If it looks like a blueberry, smells like a blueberry, and tastes like a blueberry pie then Violet Beauregard it must be. Best consumed without Veruca Salt or Augustus Gloop… Don’t say we didn’t warn you… every glass will jump out at you with the smells and tastes of fresh maceratedBlueberries, raspberries,Mulberry, andVioletswith a hint of muddled mint; Yum!

Zonte's Footstep Nature's Crux Organic Fleurieu Shiraz

All around the world, the bee is a superstar in our ecosystem; a bellwether one would say. We view the bee as the barometer to the vineyard’s health and its biosphere. Healthy Bee’s; Happy Vines! In tribute to this we have adorned our Shiraz with a busy bee. DisplayingPlum,Licoriceand highlights ofBlackcurrant.

Zonte's Footstep Madrugador Fleurieu Organic Tempranillo

Madrugador [Spanish-English. Early Riser] is an acknowledgement of this early ripening variety; Tempranillo. Its fruit is known for being picked at the early part of vintage producing a medium-bodied wine we find intriguing and gets our taste buds excited! This rendition delivers rich Plum, Fig and Red Cherries a dynamite contrast of flavours complemented by signature cedar-like tannins

Zonte's Footstep Canto Fleurieu Sangiovese Lagrein

As a song is created from the blend of notes, rhythm and love. Our Canto is our favourite blend of grapes to create the perfect melody to kick back on a Sunday with Nona’s favourite pasta and relax with family and friends… It’s impressively awesome. Go on give it a try. Cin Cin! Sangiovese is all about savory flavours and structure, whilst Lagrein brings curious dark flavours to the table. Black Cherry and a hint of Raisins . A plush, almost silky feel with Malt and a sweet n savory twist to finish.

Zonte's Footstep Lady Marmalade Fleurieu Vermentino

Sexy, sassy, and somewhat racy, our cheeky Vermentino exudes so much character it just keeps you coming back for more! Clarity of direction and straight-out pizazz. You can see where the name came from! Purity of varietal flavours such as lovely green apple,Starfruit, freshLimeand zestyGrapefruitall wrapped up in a crisp zingy finish.