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50 Years of Margaret River Wine: Moss Wood

In honour of the Margaret River wine region’s 50th birthday, we’re looking at some of the key founding wineries, all of which are still going strong today. In part 3 we look at Moss Wood, a family owned business with impressive credentials.

2017 is the year that one of Australia’s leading wine regions turns 50. This is the Margaret River wine region. While only being 50 years old, and a small producer of Australian wine, the region accounts for 20% of the premium wine market.

In honour of this region’s 50th birthday, we’re looking at a few of the key founding wineries, all of which are still going strong today.

Moss Wood

Continuing with our look at a few of the founding wineries in Margaret River, you’ll find Moss Wood. The first Cabernet Sauvignon vines were planted here in 1969. The original business has changed ownership once, with the current owners and wine-markers being Claire and Keith Mugford. Keith bought the business when he was just 26 years old, after working at Moss Wood with the original owner as chief winemaker from the age of 20. It’s another family owned business, with impressive credentials, such as holding an Exceptional Ranking on Langtons (similar to that of Cullen).

For being highly regarded, it’s not that easy to visit them. Tastings and visits to the Cellar door are by appointment only, and cost $60 per small group; but in their own words, “a visit to Moss Wood is a rare and sought after experience.” It must be indeed. However, keep a look out for an Open Day to Moss Wood (which usually run during the Margaret River Gourmet Escape) in which these restrictions don’t apply.

Moss Wood is most famous for their Cabernet Sauvignon (grown on their main vineyard), with prices starting at around the $100 mark per bottle. To get a taste of them for a lower price, then look for their wines harvested off their Ribbon Vale estate or their “Amy’s” brand which is a wine produced by Moss Wood but harvested off another vineyard. They don’t interblend between vineyards; the focus on the vineyard where the fruit is grown is an important factor displayed transparently on their website and bottles.

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