Moonlight Meadery Wicked

Metheglin (Honey & Spices): Madagascar-Bourbon vanilla, Ginger - Wicked as in awesome, the ginger and Madagascar-Bourbon vanilla each add a nuance to the honey flavor and aroma.  Spice from the ginger balances well with the smoothness of the vanilla. It lures you in for more, wicked things may be in store. Sweet
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Moonlight Meadery Deviant

Cyser (Honey & Apple): Apple, Ginger - Devious, playful rebellion from the usual.  Uniquely refreshing, smooth blend of honey, apple and ginger. Slightly sweet apple and spicy ginger please from aroma to lingering finish. A little rebellion is good.... made from apple cider from Sunnycrest Farms in Londonderry, NH. Sweet

Moonlight Meadery Stiletto

Cyser (Honey & Apple): Apple, Blackcurrants - Provocative statement of slick and sexy, blend of bold black currant with lighter tones of honey and apple sweetness. Pairs with rich, spicy Mediterranean cuisine, turkey, stews, steaks, curry and Italian meat sauce. Compliments cheddar, blue cheese, or camembert. Sweet

Moonlight Meadery Iniquity

Cyser (Honey & Apple): Apple, Cranberry - A sinful double play on the senses.  A semi-sweet and smooth apple that leads us into temptation with a finish of light, tangy cranberry. Semi-sweet

Moonlight Meadery Sumptuous

Melomel (Fruit Mead): Mangoes - Made from honey and mangos, sweet but not overly so, smooth, wonderful complexity between the flavors and the long lasting finish, with a light body. Enjoy with spiced Mexican, Asian, and Indian dishes. Sweet

Moonlight Meadery Red Dress

Melomel (Fruit Mead): Red Currants - This little number is sweet and sexy, just the right balance between the honey and the red currants.  Enjoy this with a variety of dishes, like Durban curried chicken (a South African favourite), Moroccan lamb, or Beef Stew. Semi-sweet

Moonlight Meadery Slow Dance

Pyment (Grape Mead): Cabernet Sauvignon grapes - The orange blossom honey follows the lead from the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Enjoy with some Cantalet, aged Gouda or Berkshire Blue cheese. Dry

Moonlight Meadery Madagascar

Metheglin (Honey & Spices): Madagascar-Bourbon vanilla - This mead is made from Madagascar-Bourbon vanilla beans, honey, water and yeast.  The vanilla flavors blend with the honey to create this delicious delight with a strong yet balance flavor.  The aroma is vanilla and wildflower honey. Good partner to aperitif, pastries or desserts. Sweet

Moonlight Meadery Summer Love

Melomel (Fruit Mead): Oranges, Vanilla Beans - Oranges and vanilla beans bring together the essence of a creamsicle in this zesty mead.  Summer Love inspires memories of cool drinks and a hand to hold on a hot summer night. Try as an aperitif paired with fruit and cheese. Complex and flavorful enough to energize your next cocktail party! Sweet

Moonlight Meadery First Dance

Pyment (Grape mead): Old Vine Zinfandel grapes - You will see why we call this First Dance why you taste your first sip, the honey embraces the Old Vine Zinfandel grapes in such a loving and lasting embrace. Dry