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Mars Distillery Komagatake Voyager Estate Wine Finish Single Malt Japanese Whisky ( Release)

This is Mars Komagatake Single Malt ‘Wine Cask Finish’ was produced in collaboration with Voyager Estate from the famous Margaret River region located in Western Australia. Only 924 bottles have been produced. This is the 2nd collaboration and this special whisky is sold only in Australia and Japan. This Single Malt was distilled at Mars Shinshu Distillery in 2016 in Nagano Prefecture and matured in a bourbon barrel for more than 3 years. It was then aged for another 15 months in French Troncais oak. This oak cask was previously used to age Voyager Estate’s flagship red wine, their ‘MJW’ Cabernet Sauvignon, and was sent to Japan in early 2020 once the wine came out of the cask. This special whisky shows the harmony between the world of whisky and wine. The attractive pale red rose colour is evidenced from red wine cask, fruity notes on the aroma with grapes, berry, pomegranate. Elegant smooth mouthfeel with grape fruit character. The finish is long, viscous umami, and well balanced with sweetness.

Mars Distillery Komagatake Single Malt Japanese Whisky ( Release)

Mars Shinshu distillery is located near Mt. Komagatake and is at the top peak of the Kiso mountain range of the Japanese Alps in Nagano Prefecture at around 800m above sea level. Pure mineral water from the mountain is used for whisky making and the distillery is surrounded by beautiful clean air. Short hot summers encourage maturation, and long cold winter gives whisky slow and gentle maturation as well as a break. Selected single malt are blended to create this 2021 edition. Very limited bottling. Whisky aged mainly in Bourbon and Sherry casks makes up the expression of this whisky. Ripe fruits note such as quince, apricot, and banana, and vanilla on the nose. The palate shows the sweetness of honey, melon, and ripe persimmon fruits, also the hazelnut character from Sherry cask. Smooth and elegant finish.

Mars Iwai Blended Japanese Whisky

Mars Shinshu was founded in 1949 but didn’t start making whisky until their distillery was nestled high in the Japanese Alps in 1985. Iwai is a blend of mostly corn and some malted barley. It is aged entirely in used bourbon barrels. A rich golden colour whisky with light, sweet, and floral fragrances with notes of dark cacao and sweet pear. A beautifully soft body and underlying flavours of allspice and dried fig. Aged in sherry, bourbon, and American white oaks.

Mars Distillery Tsunuki Single Malt Japanese Whisky ( Release)

Tsunuki Distillery is the second distillery of Mars Whisky and is in the Kagoshima Prefecture in the south of Japan and was built in 2016. The location of this distillery is also the birthplace of their business Hombo Shuzo Co. more than 100 years ago. The name tells you this single malt is distilled and matured at Tsunuki, and this is its 2nd release after Tsunuki The First. Beautiful pure water is used, and the natural environment with day and night-time temperature change has a considerable and unique influence on this whisky. This single malt was matured in bourbon barrels and is a showcase of peat character. It has shiny amber colour as a sign of age. The nose shows sweet scents like banana, honey and custard with gorgeous peat smokiness. Clean warm textured mouthfeel is followed by barley and crisp apple, and the finish is long and complex with peat and hints of yellow fruits. This whisky is non-chill filtered to keep all good flavours.

Mars Distillery Komagatake Limited Edition Single Malt Japanese Whisky

Mars Distillery Komagatake 2019 Limited Edition Single Malt Japanese Whisky has been matured first in ex-Bourbon oak barrels, followed by new Sherry Oak & American oak. The barrels were hand picked from the highest barrels in the distilleries warehouse. This generally means a warmer maturation, resulting in a faster maturation. Allowing the flavours from the barrels to provide plenty of flavour in a short time (3 to 6 years). The nose on this whisky is very clean with aromas of vanilla, citrus, pears, and green apples. First on the palate comes the oak then blended with spices. Followed by a dominated vanilla, melson balls, and lemon meringue pie. The finish is citrus, oak, spice, and orchard fruits.

Mars Wa Bi Damask Rose Japanese Gin Limited Edition

The key botanicals use to produce the Mars Wa Bi Damask Rose Japanese Gin 2018 Limited Edition bottle are all grown locally, with the exception of the juniper berries, Kagoshima Prefecture in South Japan on the island of Kyushu. The gin is blended with rose water made with local and organic Damask rose follower - the Queen of Roses. On the nose, this gin has floral aromatics, with a fresh, soft texture and delicate texture across the palate.

Mars Distillery Maltage Cosmo Blended Malt Japanese Whisky

Mars Maltage Cosmo Blended Malt Whisky is an amber gold in colour. On the nose are hints of spicy stewed pears, walnut slices, and prunes. It is a light-to-medium bodied whisky with malt flavours and a smokey but sweet overlay. The finish is long with a mildly oily but spicy flavour. Mars Maltage Cosmo Blended Malt Whiskey is aged in sherry, bourbon, and American White Oak new casks. Cosmo is named after a mountain in the Japan Central Alps close to the Mars Whisky Distillery.

Mars Iwai Tradition Japanese Whisky

Mars Iwai Tradition Japanese Whisky is soft and rounded, yet full bodied and mellow. The nose gives sweet honey, leading to a complex, peaty full bodied palate which gives sweet peat, orange marmalade, maple, burnt sugar cane, cedar and cigar.

Mars Iwai Tradition Blended Whisky

Mars Iwai Tradition Blended Whisky is a Japanese blend of 25% corn whisky and 75% malt whisky. Mars Iwai Tradition was aged in a combination of bourbon, sherry and American white oak casks which gives it a distinctively rich and full bodied finish. Rich gold in colour, Mars Iwai has a complex fragrance of sweet honey and malt. Notes of burnt sugar cane, sweet peat, orange marmalade, cedar and cigar can be enjoyed. In the Miyata village on Kuyshu Island is the Shinshu distillery (aka "Mars"), founded in 1985 by Hombo Shuzo. Shinshu’s whisky is distilled only during the island's harsh winters. In operation from 1985-1992 and then 2011 to present, this is actually Shuzo's third domestic distillery. The previous have been the Yamanashi Distillery (1960-1969) and the Mars Kagoshima Distillery (1978-1984).

Mars Iwai Tradition Sherry Finish Japanese Whisky

Mars Shinshu was founded in 1949 but didn’t start making whisky until their distillery was nestled high in the Japanese Alps in 1985. This is a limited release Mars Iwai Tradition blended whisky released in 2021 that has spent extra time maturing in Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks which give a delicious sweetness to the whisky. Pedro Ximenez is a Spanish white grape variety, and this sherry is well known for its intense sweetness as a dessert-style sherry. Showing lovely amber colour with sweet notes such as brown sugar, maple syrup on the nose. It has a smooth mouthfeel and rich texture with sweet honey burned sugar cane and sweet peat on the palate. A distinctive rich full body finishes with cacao and a hint of bitter chocolate. Complex and well-balanced whisky.