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The Craft & Co

The Craft & Co Japanese Rice Lager Can

The Craft & Co Rose Vermouth

**New Release** The Craft & Co Rosé Vermouth. Handcrafted from our estate-grown grapes. In keeping with tradition, The Craft & Co Rosé Vermouth is an aromatised fortified wine, flavoured with distinctive herbs and botanicals. Deep copper and garnet in colour through barrel maturation, our Rosé Vermouth is fresh in berry characters, raisins, caramelised figs and a rancio nuttiness. Complex in its aromatics, the middle palate displays freshly cut orange, Christmas pudding, vanilla and elderflower bringing forward the bitters that structure a long, subtle finish. The Craft & Co Rosé Vermouth may be married with our Navy Strength Gin for a characterful martini, a Negroni or simply serve over ice with a large slice of orange or grapefruit.

The Craft & Co Draught

Draught Winner – Gold Medal at 2021 Sydney Beer & Cider Show This bright gold beer has delicate fruity esters aromas. On the palate, the light malt character, gentle bitterness, and crisp finish give a refreshing and easy drinking beer. Made in Collingwood.

The Craft & Co Tropical Hazy Pale Ale

Tropical Hazy Pale Ale Hazy with a creamy head, this juicy beer features tropical aroma of mango, passionfruit, and pineapple as well as some grapefruit. The grapefruit is more present on the palate. This beer has a light body with a silky mouthfeel, a gentle bitterness, and a clean and dry finish… in a word very smashable. Made in Collingwood.

The Craft & Co Japanese Rice Lager

Japanese Rice Lager Pale gold with a dense head, this lager is fresh and slightly lemony on the nose. Its light malt character and gentle bitterness make it a delicate and easy drinking beer. Made in Collingwood.

The Craft & Co Botanical Vodka

Super clean, smooth and crisp botanical vodka, distilled in Melbourne for all occasions and tastebuds. Our award-winning distillers have hand selected the finest native botanicals and ingredients, including strawberry gum, vanilla pods, fresh orange and pepperleaf, to produce this uniquely artisanal small-batch vodka.

The Craft & Co Amaro

Classically smooth, deep & complex, yet bittersweet with mild notes of bright grapefruit, chicory & aniseed.

The Craft & Co Shiraz Grappa

Distilled with our locally estate grown Shiraz grapes infused with liquorice root and well-balanced, complex and smooth finish.Made in Collingwood, Melbourne

The Craft & Co Negroni

Take a ride on this original artisanal expression of a classic Negroni. Born out of our Collingwood distillery, we craft equal parts of our own award-winning gin, vermouth and amaro into a contemporary Negroni which showcases depth and complexity, yet ultimately refreshing and astute. Salute!Pour over ice. Add a slice of orange. Drift Away.

The Craft & Co Anise

**NEW RELEASE**Fragrant star anise, fused with a glorious concoction of fresh orange peel, cinnamon & fennel seed, all conspire to create this lush classic.