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Underground Spirits

Underground Spirits Caramel Vodka

The Caramel Vodka is perfectly primed for moments of pure indulgence. Dripping with decadence and rich caramel flavours, it can be enjoyed alone or mixed for a sugary sweet cocktail. For a totally new take on vodka thats both sticky and sweet, rediscover a classic flavor. Warm and sticky sweet. Its rich and silky on the palate with a lip smacking aftertaste. No burn naturally!

Underground Spirits ad crecendum var flosferam native gin

Delving further into the abundance of native treasures at the Australian National Botanic Gardens, Ad Crescendum var Flosferam Native Gin continues our collaboration with the gardens. This gin is quintessentially Australian, representative of our native flora and highlighting the importance of conservation at the gardens. The nose is crisp and piney. A soft, bright and herbaceous beginning, with delicate floral notes across the tongue. Slight umami. Leads to rich and sweet bush honey notes to finish.

Underground Spirits Shiraz & Pepperberry Gin

Starting with the recipe of Underground Spirits' multi-award winning gin, Tasmanian Pepperberry is allowed to dominate the blend before maturing in shiraz barrels sourced from local Canberra region winemakers for around two months. The results are a remarkable uniqueness of each batch derived from the individual flavour qualities of each barrel. This is an absolute modern classic with a warm and delectable finish.

Underground Spirits Signature Vodka

Underground Spirits Signature Vodka is a local Aussie wonder with wow factor. This classy vodka is created using a patented filtration process giving it a unique velvet quality. Try this smooth vodka neat, over ice or combined with your go to mixer.

Underground Spirits Signature Gin

Embrace a gin experience like no other with Underground Spirits Signature Gin. Whether you enjoy this smooth gin neat, with ice or add to a timeless Martini you'll love the award-winning flavour with an elegant finish.

Underground Spirits Australian National Botanic Gardens Ad Crescendum var. Infusionem Native Gin

Underground Spirits collaboration with the Australian National Botanic Gardens, introducing Ad Crescendum var Infusionem Native Gin. An uniquely Australian experience, this gin was born from a need to further discover the abundance of local botanicals grown in conservation at the Gardens. In search of other botanicals and how they can create a new flavour. With the help of horticulturist for the gardens, Underground Spirits set out to learn even more about amazing botanicals, the conditions where they grow and thrive and their traditional uses in Indigenous culture. This time the inspiration came from brewing botanicals, and what has been done for centuries, and learnt by europeans arriving in Australia as well. This expressive gin serves as testament to the long held artistry of infusion. To amplify this, and the collection’s kaleidoscope of diversity, for this mixture we selected and expertly combined johnsons grass tree (xanthorrhoea johnsonii), rose myrtle (rhodomyrtus tomentosa), white correa (correa alba), wombat berry (eustrephus latifolius), goodinea (goodinea), white birch (betula pendula), manuka myrtle (leptospermum scoparium), lemon aspen (cronychia acidula), native pennyroyal mint (mentha satureioides) evincing the wondrous aromas that this gin so beautifully orchestrates.

Underground Spirits Wests Tigers 25th Anniversary Gin

In the heart of Sydney, where the roar of the Wests Tigers echoes through 25 triumphant years, something extraordinary has been bottled – a liquid celebration, a jubilant elixir crafted by Underground Spirits. This isn't just gin; this is the spirit of a legendary rugby league team, captured in every drop. In 2024, as the Wests Tigers mark their 25th season in the NRL, the roar of triumph will echo once again in their two traditional home grounds – Leichhardt Oval and Campbelltown Sports Stadium. It's not just a return to familiar turf; it's a strategic embrace of identity, a tribute to the loyal fans who have been the heartbeat of the club for a quarter of a century. Diving into more than a mere sip; we're unraveling an entire liquid journey. A spirited kick-off with vibrant notes of fresh citrus that'll have your taste buds doing a victory dance. It's not just about the citrus, though – there's a subtle hint of sourness softened by bitter undertones, creating a flavour symphony that's nothing short of dynamic. This gin? It's the MVP of balance that's scoring big points with seasoned gin enthusiasts and those new to the game. And hold on, we're not done yet – there's a crisp zesty hint thrown into the mix, just to keep you on your toes. Crafted to perfection, it's a toast to 25 years of triumphs, embodying the dynamic spirit of The Wests Tigers. Featuring these botanicals: Small Leaved Fig (ficus obligua), Sweet Granadilla (passiflora ligularis) Tiger Jaw Succulent (faucaria tigrina) Orange (citrus x aurantium) Juniper Coriander Seed Angelica Imagine this unbridled excitement sealed in a bottle – that's the Wests Tigers 25th Anniversary Gin. It's not just a drink; it's a jubilant tribute to a quarter-century of highs, lows, and undying loyalty.

Underground Spirits Penrith Panthers Three Peat Caramel Vodka

The whistle has blown, here’s to The Panther’s remarkable wins in 2021, 2022, and now 2023!Underground Spirits have created The Panthers Triple Caramel Vodka, a limited edition crafted especially to celebrate the third consecutive premiership and that awe-inspiring Three Peat victory! Much like the Panther, stealthy and graceful yet fiercely determined, this triple caramel delight embodies the essence of sweet victory and the taste of triumph.Crafted with precision and care, it boasts three layers of caramel goodness, each one symbolisinga triumphant year – 2021, 2022, and 2023. Every sip is a journey through the Panthers’ incredible rise to glory.But it’s not just about the vodka; it’s about YOU, the passionate Panthers fan! This is your chance to toast to your team’s legendary achievements, their relentless pursuit of greatness, and their indomitable spirit. It’s a piece of history in a bottle.Be part of the celebration, order your bottle of Panthers Triple Caramel Vodka now, and join us in raising a glass to the champions who inspire us all. Let’s make every victory sweeter and every moment unforgettable!

Underground Spirits Parramatta Eels Fruit Pickers Gin

The Eels have brought people together for generations, now teaming up with Underground Spirits to produce this liquid tribute to the club and the heart and soul of Parramatta. From the early 'Fruit Pickers' era to the bustling cityscape today, we've bottled The Eels' journey for you to savor with every pour. Inside each bottle, you'll find the essence of lush parks, the tranquility of Parramatta Lake, and the energy of the modern city. Port Jackson Fig, She-Oak Seeds, Magnolia 'Little Gem' Flower, Smooth-leaved Quandong, and Sunrise Lime Our premium, award-winning gin is exceptionally smooth, making it the perfect sideline companion as you enjoy the game-day roar. Raise your glass to the spirit of Parramatta!

Vodka with Vanilla

our Vodka with Vanilla crafted with double the vanilla for an extraordinary flavor experience. Prepare to indulge your senses like never before! At Underground Spirits, we pride ourselves on producing exceptional vodka at our distillery. Our Vanilla Vodka takes flavor to a whole new level, with a rich infusion of double vanilla that creates an irresistible aroma and taste. From the moment you open the bottle, you'll be captivated by the aroma. What sets our Vanilla Vodka apart is its versatility. Enjoy it poured over ice, savoring the pure vanilla with each sip. Or let your creativity shine by incorporating it into cocktails, adding a delightful twist to classic recipes. Whether it's a decadent White Russian, a refreshing Vanilla Martini, or an imaginative creation of your own, our Vanilla Vodka will elevate any cocktail experience.