NOY NOY Classic 25 Year Old Armenian Brandy

NOY Tirakal (Lord of Noah) is a refined, aristocratic brandy whose complexity is achieved by combining a blend of at least 25 old brandy distillates aged at least 25 years in oak barrels made from the Caucasus wood. Aroma: An incredibly deep, mellow aroma with vivid tones of sugar-coated fruit, hazelnut and dark chocolate. Taste: Rich, dense, complex and fruity taste with velvety notes of nutmeg and old port wine caresses the palate, leaving a pleasant and very long aftertaste.

Martell Medaillon VSOP Cognac

Martell VSOP is the connoisseur's choice. A complex and smooth Cognac made from carefully blended mature

Chatelle Napoleon VSOP Brandy

Selected and blended with the greatest care, Chatelle Napoleon is aged in small oak barrels under the supervision of a master blender.This smooth, premium brandy offers a generous medley of fruit, spices and oak.<p><b>Every effort is made to include a gift box with delivery, however this cannot be guaranteed</b>

Rémy Martin VSOP Cognac

Rémy Martin is a family story of close to 300 years. Rýmy Martin VSOP is composed of eaux-de-vie coming exclusively from the most sought-after vineyards of Cognac: Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. Such eaux-de-vie offer exceptional ageing potential, and are blended into what is known as Fine Champagne Cognac.

St Agnes V S Brandy

A double distilled, Pot-Still brandy, prepared from specially crafted base wines. St. Agnes then rests for many years in small oak casks to ensure pure clean perfection.

Croizet Extra Cognac

Won Best Cognac at the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2017. As tribute to Cognac Croizet's founder Leon Croizet, Cognac Croizet has used some of its most prized and oldest cognacs in this Grande Champagne Cognac Croizet Extra. Many years of aging are necessary to give this cognac such superb richness. The aromas are powerful offering up magnificent notes of candied fruits; dried figs and marmalade join in harmony with others such as leather, cigar box, and soft spices.This subtlety, combined with the aromatic richness create an extraordinary cognac. A master coganc for a true lover of the finer things in life.

Courvoisier VS Cognac

Courvoisier VS represents amazing value for money. Courvoisier age their VS for up to 2 extra years than other cognacs and this patience shines through in the end product. Courvoisier has a powerful palate that opens out into a floral and fruity finish.

Hennessy VS Cognac

In 1865, inspired by a decorative handle of his offi ce window, Maurice Hennessy created the now-famous star symbol that he would use to classify his Cognacs. Thus was born the 3- Star Cognac, better known today as Hennessy VS which is a complex blend of more than forty eaux-de-vie (brandy parcels) from the four premier growing areas of the Cognac region.

St Remy Brandy

St Remys award winning Brandy has been crafted to perfection since 1886 when the distillery was founded in France. The worlds No 1 French Brandy, St Remy is produced with grapes harvested from legendary French vineyards, such as Bordeaux, Burgundy and Vallé du Rhone.

Meukow VS Cognac

Meukow has been established in Cognac for over 150 years and has built a strong reputation as masters in distillation, ageing and blending of brandies. Presented in its remarkable black panther bottle, Meukow VS Cognac is both elegant and powerful.