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Mid North Sangiovese

Pensilva Sangiovese

Tussock Jumper Sangiovese

Yalumba Y Series Sangiovese Rosé

Salmon pink in colour with a delicate fragrance of fresh strawberries and raspberries. Ripe red fruit flavours fill the palate with just an off-dry level of residual sugar. A perfect luncheon rose.

Pepperjack Sangiovese

A medley of dark red cherry, cranberry and ripe raspberries, warm spice and hints of mocha. The palate is rich and structured showing, bright fruits with silky and plush tannins which give length and finesse while finishing soft and full of flavour.

Tempus Two Graphite Sangiovese

Love Not War Organic Sangiovese

19 Crimes Sangiovese

Mastrojanni Brunello Vigna Loreto

Nestled in the picturesque hamlet of Castelnuovo dell'Abate, a small town within Montalcino, lies the Mastrojanni Relais. At a height of 400 metres, the vineyards stretch out below offering breathtaking views of the Orcia River mouth and its surrounding landscape. The soil of these vineyards is some of the sparsest in the region, with low yields and sparse nutrients. However, it is precisely these conditions that yield the famous Vigna Cru Schiena d'Asino wine, which is highly sought after by wine connoisseurs. The estate's proximity to Mount Amiata, a dormant volcano standing at 1,738 meters, provides it with a unique microclimate. The mountain acts as a protective barrier against hailstorms and its rising currents divert storms away from the vineyards. This, coupled with the strong winds that blow around the area at night, creates an environment that is ideal for grape growth. The Mastrojanni Relais is committed to tradition and incorporates bioarchitecture in its approach to building the wine aging cellar. The use of wooden beams, chestnut flanges, terracotta bricks and stone gabions to hold back the thrust of the hillside in which the cellar is buried creates a harmonic environment that is conducive to longer periods of bottle-aging. In keeping with their commitment to tradition, Mastrojanni uses concrete tanks for the fermentation and storage of wine. The glazed concrete tanks are primarily used for grapes with advanced ripening stages, while the brushed tanks are used for micro-oxygenation purposes. With a focus on the hands-on approach, the Mastrojanni Relais selects only the best grapes and ensures that all clusters undergo selection before the wine-making process begins. The resulting wine is free from any negative organoleptic overtones, thereby guaranteeing the highest quality product. Mastrojanni Relais is a testament to how tradition and innovation can be married to produce a product that is both unique and of the highest quality. Brunello di Montalcino is a wine that embodies the essence of Italy's highest DOCG classification (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita). Made with 100% Sangiovese, this red wine is produced in the vineyards surrounding the beautiful town of Montalcino, located in the province of Siena in the Tuscany wine region. The name "Brunello," which means "brown," was given to this wine because of the color of the grapes that were believed to be a unique variety grown in Montalcino. The Sangiovese used to make Brunello di Montalcino is a local Tuscan type known as Brunello or Sangiovese Grosso. This variety has thicker-skinned berries, which contribute to the wine's exceptionally bold fruit flavors, high tannin and high acidity. The enduring popularity of Brunello di Montalcino is due to the quality of the fruit, which is carefully selected and handpicked to ensure only the best grapes make it into the wine. However, it's the tannins and acidity that give this wine its longevity, allowing it to age gracefully for a decade or more before reaching its full potential. The Mastrojanni Brunello Vigna Loreto 2018 is a wine that truly showcases the noble and straightforward character of the Sangiovese grape of Montalcino. The pebble and tuff of the Vigna Loreto vineyard provide the perfect terroir to enhance the wine's unique qualities. On the nose, this wine offers an intriguing blend of ripe red fruit notes, enriched with sweet spices and hints of tobacco. On the palate, there is a broad and enveloping entry supported by a potent and ripe tannin that leads to a silky and elegant ending. The energy and solidity of the compact tannin, prodded by a fresh acidity, lead to a finish of extraordinary flavor and length. Aged for 36 months in Allier oak barrels and then for 6-8 months in the bottle, the Mastrojanni Brunello Vigna Loreto 2018 has a bright and deep ruby red color. With a production of only 7,000 bottles, this wine is truly a rare find. Pair this wine with good company to fully appreciate its elegance. It's a wine that is perfect for special occasions or for a quiet evening at home. The Mastrojanni Brunello Vigna Loreto 2018 is a wine that will impress even the most discerning of palates and is a must-try for any wine enthusiast. Monica Larner, wine critic from Robert Parker's Wine Advocate, has given the Mastrojanni Brunello Vigna Loreto 2018 95/100 points.

Mastrojanni, Rosso di Montalcino